With declining stores of energy resources worldwide, global warming and recent events in Fukushima, the topic of energy is of prime importance. Use of nanomaterials in energy applications should allow for a more efficient conversion, storage and transport of energy. Innovations in the field of energy could also be significant in limiting overexploitation of natural resources and thereby cater to our growing needs in energy while protecting the environment. However, a prerequisite of developing and commercialising nanobased products is acquiring in-depth knowledge of the properties and behaviour of nanomaterials throughout the product's lifecycle, both in terms of human health and the integrity of the environment.

 Completed research projects



Lithium-ion batteries - characterisation and designLithium-ion batteries - characterisation and design Vanessa Wood
Nanoscale electrode materials for lithium-ion batteriesNanoscale electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries Katharina M. Fromm

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